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Another year has passed. Another year of a relationship, a year in which the children have grown older and more mature, a year in which there were many moments that one would wish for a lasting memory.

As a photographer I create beautiful and very special partner photos or family photos for you. Besides classic studio photos or outdoor shootings I also offer you so-called composings. With these you can realize almost all your ideas and unique picture compositions are created.

Composing - the extraordinary gift!

A very special memory and an unforgettable gift are so-called "composings". The word means that a new image is created on the computer from several photos or parts of a photo. The image editing is usually very complex and time-consuming. Even if such composings cost from about EUR 400, - (exclusive photography) upwards, you will be happy day after day, when such a piece of jewelry is hanging in your home as a canvas. 

Here is an example how the world-famous picture "Lunch on a skyscraper" or "Men at Lunch" was reenacted over the streets of Manhattan (New York). And what kind of ideas do you have that we can realize for you?

Preise Paare, Familien, Freunde-Shooting

Paket "Small"

2-4 Personen, Dauer ca. 45 Minuten, 1 Outfit, inklusive 2 bearbeitete Bilder als digitale Dateien (hochauflösende JPG) € 240,- (inkl. MwSt)

Paket "Medium"

5-7 Personen, Dauer ca. 60 Minuten, 2 Outfits, inklusive 5 bearbeitete Bilder als digitale Dateien (hochauflösende JPG) € 350,- (inkl. MwSt)

Paket "Large"

7-12 Personen, Dauer ca. 60 Minuten, 2 Outfits, inklusive 8 bearbeitete Bilder als digitale Dateien (hochauflösende JPG) € 420,- (inkl. MwSt)

Optionale Leistungen

Outdoor-Shooting inkl. Anreise (bis Umkreis 20 km) + 50% Ausdrucke und Fotoartikel siehe "Service - Bildpreise"



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