Family photos

Family & Couples

Another year has passed. Another year of a relationship, a year in which the children have grown older and more mature, a year in which there were many moments that one would wish for a lasting memory.

As a photographer I create beautiful and very special partner photos or family photos for you. Besides classic studio photos or outdoor shootings I also offer you so-called composings. With these you can realize almost all your ideas and unique picture compositions are created.

Composing - the extraordinary gift!

A very special memory and an unforgettable gift are so-called "composings". The word means that a new image is created on the computer from several photos or parts of a photo. The image editing is usually very complex and time-consuming. Even if such composings cost from about EUR 400, - (exclusive photography) upwards, you will be happy day after day, when such a piece of jewelry is hanging in your home as a canvas. 

Here is an example how the world-famous picture "Lunch on a skyscraper" or "Men at Lunch" was reenacted over the streets of Manhattan (New York). And what kind of ideas do you have that we can realize for you?

Preise Paare, Familien, Freunde-Shooting

What to Expect

Where is your church located?

We are in Boyertown, PA at 35 East Philadelphia Avenue, Suite 2, right next to the Grill Shop. You will see a church greeter out front upon your arrival to direct you.

What time is your service?

Service time is 10 AM with coffee and refreshments at 9:30 AM.

Where do I park?

There is street parking all around the building and you don’t need to pay the meters on Sundays. You can also park free on Sundays in the Town Center Parking Lot just across the street, or behind our church building in the Boyertown Library parking lot.

Is there something for my children?

We love kids and have lots of them already! From infants to elementary age, we have done our best to help your children have a blast while learning about Jesus. We have created a fun and safe environment for them by implementing our kids’ check-in and check-out system. You can make checking in your kids fast by pre-registering them below.

Why plan a visit?

When you plan your visit, you can be assured that we are prepared for you! A staff member will reach out to you to answer any questions you may have, we can introduce you around on Sunday if you like, and help you get your kids pre-registered. You can do it by clicking the button below. It’s also great if you want to just show-up as well.

What is a service like?

242 Community Church is an engaging atmosphere geared towards ministering to your entire family. It is full of life, community, love and encouragement. There is live music that will lead us in a blended-style of music followed by a Gospel-centered message that is central to our worship service. The service lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

What do I wear?

We encourage people to come as they are and dress in what feels most comfortable. You will find a mix of business casual to everyday casual when you arrive.

What type of church are we?

242 Community Church is about helping people live fully devoted to Christ and community! We are a non-denominational Bible-centered church who is passionate about discipleship. We believe church to be the highlight of the week for the entire family and essential in the life of every believer. We know this happens when we focus everything on Jesus, connect in community, and live lives of everyday worship. If you live in the area, then come join us this weekend. We promise you will be glad that you did!