My photostudio in Buch in Tyrol

I´d like to invite you to my photo studio, which is located on the main road in Buch in Tirol (vis-a-vis ÖAMTC at the car dealer "Auto Mauracher") and is easily accessible by car. Most of the pictures on my website have been recorded in this studio.

Please feel free to visit me for a preliminary talk and to gain an impression of yourself. Let´s talk about the ideas of your shooting in a cozy atmosphere.


  • Entrance hall with comfortable waiting area
  • Meeting and presentation room
  • Photo Studio with the latest technical equipment
  • different backgrounds
  • "Profoto" studio strobes
  • various light shaper (Strip Light, Oktabox, softbox, etc.)
  • Full frame camera Nikon D800
  • Image editing with Lightroom and Photoshop